Creative and Useful Upgrades for Your Swimming Pool

Have your pool remodeled and brought back to life with some creative and useful upgrades. You and your family will enjoy spending time swimming in your new, improved pool after the pool service company completes the project.


Waterfalls can be created with a submersible water pump and decorative rocks. If you purchase a kit, you won't be spending a fortune and will only be responsible for the installation. One of the benefits of a waterfall is that it can recirculate the water throughout each day. This will prevent the water from appearing dull and stagnant. A waterfall also produces soothing sounds.

After a stressful day, enjoy listening to the water trickle down into the pool as you are swimming or relaxing in a lounge chair nearby. Add LED lights so that you can enjoy viewing the waterfall at night.

Swim-Up Bar

Imagine being able to enjoy cocktails and snacks without having to get out of the water. A swim-up bar can be installed on the edge of your pool. Many different styles and sizes are offered, allowing you to find one that won't break your budget. Decide how many seats you want your bar to have and have them designed to complement the interior of your pool.

The counter materials that are commonly used for swim-up bars are water-resistant and easy to clean. Your new bar will come in handy when you are relaxing with your family or on nights that you decide to go all out and host a pool party at your home. 

In-Floor Cleaning System

Never be burdened with strenuous cleaning tasks again after having an in-floor cleaning system installed. The system will move dirt and debris towards the filters. Special nozzles will rotate and move the material that needs to be eliminated. After having a system like this installed, you may notice that you don't need to use as many chemicals in your pool. Water will be evenly distributed throughout the pool as it is cleaned. Having a clean pool will be appreciated to everyone who spends time swimming at your house.

Speak with a swimming pool service professional to get an idea of what type of work is involved with each of the upgrades. After having the changes made, add some new furniture to your deck and a few lights. You, your family, and friends will appreciate the changes that have been made and will have a beautiful area to spend time in during the warmest months of the year.