Say Goodbye To Your Winter Blues: Four Steps To Preparing To Open Your Pool This Spring

Are you prepared to open your pool once the weather starts to change? There are some things that you can do to get a head start on getting your pool open. Learn about four things you can do.

1. Removing The Cover To Prepare Your Pool

Removing the safety cover on your pool is the first step to cleaning your pool. If there is any debris on the cover, you will want to sweep it off before you start removing it. You may also want to sweep around the pool area to prevent debris from getting in the pool. You can remove the fasteners and then, with another person fold the cover up as you remove it.

2. Opening All The Lines For The Water Jets

If your pool was closed properly, water should have been removed from the lines and the water jets topped. You will want to remove all the tops on the jets to allow water to flow through the lines. You will also want to remove any freeze guards from the skimmers and clean the baskets. Check to make sure you have prepared all the lines and skimmers before you start your pool pump.

3. Turning On The Pump To Begin The Cleaning Process

Once you have prepared the lines and skimmers, you will be ready to start your pump and filter system. You will want to turn the valve from the winterization position to open. You may also want to check the gaskets and add lubricant to prevent them from rotting.  You may want to backwash the filter before you start cleaning you pool and adding chemicals to complete the opening process.

4. Cleaning, Shocking And Adding Chemicals To Your Pool

Once you have done all the preparation for your pool, you will be ready to start cleaning it. If the water is really dirty and green, you will want to brush the bottom and sides of the pool and get any large debris out with a net. You will want to shock the pool, which is something that is best done at night. To get clear the foggy water, you may want to use a water clarification chemical when you shock the pool.

Getting a head start on opening your pool can give you more time to enjoy the season and be prepared whenever the weather is warm enough this spring. If you need help with any maintenance or repairs to your pool, contact a pool maintenance service such as Shawnee Pools to get it ready to enjoy some fun in the sun.