Four Ways You Can Get The Green Out Of Your Pool During The Swimming Season

If you have a pool, opening it often includes getting the green coloration out. This is something that can also happen during the swimming season. It can be caused by a number of conditions, such as the filtration system not working correctly, debris like pollen getting in the pool or excessive use or rain. When this turns water green during the swimming season, it can be difficult to get everything clean.

Here are some things that you can do to get the green out during the swimming season:

1. Backwash And Check The Filtration System

The filter in your pool needs to be changed when you open your pool and several times throughout the season. If you pool gets more use, you may need to change the filter more often. When changing the filter, you can also backwash the filtration system to remove any debris that can get caught in the lines.

If you have a lot of discoloration in your pool, you can repeat this process after running the filter for several hours.

2. Test Chlorine Levels And Add Water Clarifier

Things like heavy rains and sunlight can reduce the levels of chlorine in your pool.  When you do not use your pool, a cover can help to reduce chlorine from degrading. Test the chlorine levels regularly, and after heavy rains.

If the chlorine levels are really low, you can shock the pool to get the levels of chlorine up. Water clarifiers can also help to reduce any discoloration of the water in your pool.

3. Run Filter To Remove Pollen And Other Contaminates

If your pool is near trees or plants that pollinate during times when your pool is open, this can cause water to quickly become discolored. Covering your pool during these times can help to reduce this problem.

You can also run the filter for longer periods when there are high amounts of pollen in your pool to remove it. You may also want to backwash the filter once you have removed the pollen from your pool. This will prevent it from continually circulating in your pool and help to keep the water clear.

If you pool turns green during the swimming season, these are some things that can be done to get the water clear. Regular maintenance can also help you to keep your pool in good condition. If you need help with maintenance, contact a pool management company and never worry about green water again.