Make Simple and Inexpensive Decorations for Your Pool Party

Throw a party for your family and friends to spend time relaxing and enjoying the pool that you recently had installed on your property. Make some simple and inexpensive decorations to place in and around your pool to add appeal to the celebration. 

Use the Following Materials

  • styrofoam shapes
  • artificial flowers
  • scissors
  • light sticks
  • balloons
  • gravel
  • plastic bowls
  • beach pails
  • yarn
  • decorative ribbon
  • ice
  • cooler
  • tablecloth
  • radio

Design Floating Floral Displays

Purchase large styrofoam shapes and artificial flowers. Trim the stems on each flower so that they aren't longer than the thickness of each piece of styrofoam. Insert the ends of the flowers into the styrofoam by pressing them firmly into each shape. Mix and match colors to create unique and stunning decorations. After the tops and sides of each shape are covered, place them in the corners of the pool. The floral displays will float on the water's surface and complement the beauty of the pool.

Create Glowing Lights

Activate several light sticks before the party begins. Blow up multicolored balloons and place a light stick inside of each one. Fill the bases of plastic bowls with gravel so that they are weighted down. After tying the balloons, place one inside each plastic bowl and arrange them around the perimeter of the pool.

Use yarn to tie some of the balloons to permanent fixtures on your deck. The lights will continue to glow as it becomes dark outside and will provide plenty of visibility for your guests. Balloons can also be placed inside of your pool if you would like to enhance the appearance of the water.

Make Festive Containers for Drinks and Snacks

Keep drinks and snacks cold inside of large, colorful beach pails that are filled with ice. Use pieces of decorative ribbon to tie bows around the handle of each pail. Place the filled pails on tables and next to lounge chairs that are arranged around the deck. Your guests will appreciate being able to help themselves to cold beverages and snacks and will admire the originality of the containers. Stock a cooler with extra ice so that you can refill the pails during the party. 

Cover the table that you will be using to serve food on with a tablecloth that blends in well with the other items that you have used to decorate. Play some beach music on a radio and enjoy the time spent with your guests. 

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