Three Ways To Improve Water Quality In Your Pool With New Filtration

If you are tired of constantly checking the chlorine and chemical levels in your pool, it may be time to get a new filtration system. There are several choices for pool filters that can reduce the amount of chemicals needed to keep the water clean. These systems can be sand, salt and DE filtration systems. These systems will do a better job of filtering pool water and reduce the needs to use chemicals. If you want to upgrade your pool filtration system, here are some alternatives to the conventional cartridge filters:

1. Sand Filters For Cleaner Water With Less Chemicals

Sand Filters are a great way to improve water quality and reduce the amount of chemicals needed to treat water in your pool. This is an affordable option, which will use sand as the filtration medium and help to remove things like pollen and dirt that gets in your pool. This type of filter can work better than a cartridge filter, but you will still need to regularly test the PH of your pool and treat it with chlorine and other chemicals. The amount of chemicals you will have to use will be less in most cases.

2. Salt Filtration For An Alternative To Chlorine Pool Treatments

If you do not want to use chlorine at all to treat the water in your pool, a salt filter is another great solution. These filters work a lot like the sand filters, but use salt instead of sand. The salt will also help to sanitize the water before it goes back into your pool. These filters will require testing of the water, but do not require the use of a chlorine to sanitize the water.

3. DE Filtration To Purify Water For A Clean Pool With Little Chemical Treatment

There are also DE filtration systems, which is another type of filter medium like sand and salt. This type of filter medium is called diatomaceous earth, and it filters water well. This helps to purify the water and allows your pool to require very little chemical treatments. It is one of the most efficient filtration systems, and it will filter out even the smallest particles in the water of your pool.

These are some of the options you have for replacing your old pool cartridge filter. If you want to have your filtration upgraded, contact a pool repair contractor, like those at All-American Pools, and ask them about some of these options for your pool.