5 Spa Accessories Ideal For Winter Use

The cold days of winter may want to keep you indoors, unless you have the warmth and comfort of an outdoor hot tub. Using a hot tub in the winter can be soothing, relaxing, and create all kinds of fun during the holiday season. If you're looking into purchasing Cal spas for the winter season, then you may want to purchase a lot more than just the spa. The following five accessories are ideal for winter use and can make the hot tub a lot more comfortable during the cold months.

Spa Side Umbrella

A large spa umbrella is built to cover the whole open area of your hot tub. During the winter, this is a valuable accessory that can help during snowy days. With the umbrella, you have the ability to enjoy a day of snow flurries without them impacting your hot tub and changing the temperature. The umbrella can be installed directly against the hot tub, so you do not need to worry about positioning it or constantly adjusting.

Automated Spa Cover Lifter

During the winter, lifting off a spa cover can be a cold and painful process. It is made especially worse, if there is a light layer of snow on the top. Instead of making your hands numb, you can have an automated spa cover lifter installed. Working much like a convertible car cover, a push of a button allows the cover to automatically flip open and give you access to the hot tub. The same process works to put the cover back on when you are done using the spa.

Spa Lights

Daylight savings time and the rotation of Earth cause winter nights to come awfully quick. Instead of letting the dark deter you from using your hot tub, you can have extra LCD lights installed. Light upgrades are available for both the interior and exterior of a hot tub. This allows you to easily see in the dark and enjoy all the features of your spa.

Spa Cabinets

When purchasing a new spa, you have the ability to have a surrounding area installed. This area has a number of features including easy steps and spa cabinets. By using spa cabinets, you can protect a number of supplies and accessories from the cold winter weather. This includes items like towels, blankets, and extra swim gear.

Waterproof Speakers

If you're enjoying a hot tub during winter holidays like Christmas, then you can make the events even more entertaining with waterproof speakers. The speakers allow you to connect an MP3 player and listen to all of your favorite holiday songs. It can add a lot of fun to the hot tub, and the waterproof technology can ensure that the sound plays smoothly for years.

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