Patches, Repairs Or Replacement: 4 Tips To Deal With Vinyl Liner Problems Before Swimming This Summer

If you have a pool with a vinyl liner, leaks can cause issues with lowering water levels and maintenance. Sometimes, these problems may be due to damage to pool equipment, liners or plumbing. The problems with vinyl pools can usually be fixed with repairs or patching leaks, but sometimes the old liner may need to be replaced. The following tips will help you deal with your pool liner problems before you start swimming this summer:

1. Maintenance of Pool Equipment to Prevent Problems with Water Quality and Low Levels

The pool equipment needs to be serviced when you close your pool at the end of summer and when you do the maintenance to get ready to open your pool. Sometimes, problems with damaged or loose fittings on the pump and filter can be the cause of loss of water and issues with chlorine and PH levels that are difficult to treat. Check the equipment for leaks and problems that need to be repaired.

2. Dealing with Leaks of Liners That Cause Minor Water Loss and Maintenance Problems

Liners can also be the cause of serious pool maintenance problems. If your pool has a vinyl liner, then small punctures or tears cause the level of the water to become lower. These leaks can also cause issues with poor water quality. If the leak is just a minor puncture or tear, it can usually be repaired by patching the damaged area.

3. Inlets, Drains and Pool Skimmers That Are Damaged and Cause Problems with Water Loss

The plumbing of your pool, such as the inlets, drains and skimmers can also be the source of lower levels and dirty water. Inspect these areas for signs of problems, such as leaking seals around the outlets that cause the liner to leak. Have a pool repair service fix the problems with leaks around these areas and inspect water and drain lines.

4. Old Vinyl Linings That Are Worn and Need to Be Replaced to Prevent Water Loss and Problems

Old vinyl linings become worn overtime due to exposure to sunlight, pool chemicals and general wear. When your pool has to be constantly patched and repaired, it is probably a good time to start considering having it replaced in time for the summer swimming season.

These are some tips to help you deal with your pool problems before you start swimming this summer. If you are having problems with your pool losing water or poor water quality, contact a pool repair service like Clear Pools Maintenance Inc. to help solve these issues before the hot weather is here.