3 Major Reasons You Need A Pool Care Professional

Are you thinking about having a swimming pool installed next summer? Did you recently purchase a home that already has a pool and you're trying to learn how to care for it? If you've never actually owned a pool before, it's a good idea to hire a professional to take care of the pool on your behalf. You might think that you can do everything yourself, but there are a number of reasons why it's better to get someone to do the setup and maintenance for at least the first few weeks. Some things include:

Winterizing/de-winterizing: If you ignore a swimming pool for a prolonged period, the entire setup is going to start to break down and decay. This is especially compounded if you're in an area where year-round swimming isn't possible and/or you don't have a heated pool. Without the proper pool care routine to close off your pool for the winter and then open it again in the summer, you may not be able to use your pool that year. A professional will know how to prepare the pool for winter and then get it ready for summer use so that it continues to function as expected.

Chemical balance: With a pool, you can't simply dump random pool chemicals into the water and hope that everything is right. You need to test and retest the water to be sure that there is enough chlorine to kill bacteria and algae but not enough to burn your skin or your eyes. Getting the balance just right can be complicated math when you've never had to do this type of thing before. An experienced pool care professional will have both the knowledge and the experience to get the chemicals balanced with a minimum investment of both time and effort.

Repairs: Even with the proper pool care and maintenance, things will eventually break. Filters need to be cleaned and/or replaced. Without the right experience, you could wind up replacing things that need to be fixed or trying to fix things that really need to be replaced. A professional will know whether it's better to try to fix, replace, or upgrade a certain tool or item. In the long run, this will wind up saving you both time and money. This will leave you with more time to actually enjoy using your pool, rather than trying to get it working after something goes awry.

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