7 Tips for Safe Swimming

During the summer, swimming is a great way to cool off. However, if pool safety is ignored, your family can be at risk. About 10 unintentional drownings occurred each day from 2005–09, and two of those ten are 14 year old or less. Here are a few safety tips to follow the next time you and your family go swimming: Learn to Swim One of the best protective measures for water safety is knowing how to swim. [Read More]

3 Things You Want To Consider To Make Your Pool Safer After Renovation

If you have an old pool, it may be time to have renovations done to make it like new again. While there are some things that you may do to make your pool attractive, there are also improvements that can help make it a safer place to enjoy. You may want to consider things like an automated cover, slip-resistant decking and safety drain improvements. Here are some things you may want to have done during your pool renovations: [Read More]

Three Ways To Improve Water Quality In Your Pool With New Filtration

If you are tired of constantly checking the chlorine and chemical levels in your pool, it may be time to get a new filtration system. There are several choices for pool filters that can reduce the amount of chemicals needed to keep the water clean. These systems can be sand, salt and DE filtration systems. These systems will do a better job of filtering pool water and reduce the needs to use chemicals. [Read More]

3 Questions To Ask A Pool Service Provider Before Signing A Contract

Hiring a pool service for regular maintenance is a great way to keep your pool and its mechanical components in their best possible shape without having to lift a finger yourself. Specifically, a pool company can come by and add chemicals to your pool as needed, skim debris from your pool, and even perform any necessary repairs for a monthly fee. Before you sign a service contract with a pool company, however, there are a few questions you need to ask. [Read More]