What In The World Is A Salt Water Pool?

Customized swimming pools are a lot of fun: they give you the chance to create a pool that is perfect for you needs, your style, and your personality. Salt water pools are one of the major trends rocking the world of customized pools. Understanding salt water pools, their advantages, and their disadvantages can help you decide if they are right for you and your family. Salt Water Pool Definition The classic pool design uses a liquid chlorine dispersion system to eliminate germs and bacteria in water and make it safe for swimming. [Read More]

Say Goodbye To Your Winter Blues: Four Steps To Preparing To Open Your Pool This Spring

Are you prepared to open your pool once the weather starts to change? There are some things that you can do to get a head start on getting your pool open. Learn about four things you can do. 1. Removing The Cover To Prepare Your Pool Removing the safety cover on your pool is the first step to cleaning your pool. If there is any debris on the cover, you will want to sweep it off before you start removing it. [Read More]

2 Affordable Upgrades To Add To Your New Swimming Pool

As you're choosing a layout for your new swimming pool, you may find that you cannot afford the size of pool that you really want. Pools are expensive, but you could end up with a fabulous pool even if it is smaller than you hoped for. To do this, consider choosing a smaller pool option and then add these two upgrades to it. Lights Adding lights to a pool will not cost a lot extra in most cases, but it will depend what type you choose. [Read More]

Creative and Useful Upgrades for Your Swimming Pool

Have your pool remodeled and brought back to life with some creative and useful upgrades. You and your family will enjoy spending time swimming in your new, improved pool after the pool service company completes the project. Waterfall Waterfalls can be created with a submersible water pump and decorative rocks. If you purchase a kit, you won't be spending a fortune and will only be responsible for the installation. One of the benefits of a waterfall is that it can recirculate the water throughout each day. [Read More]